Mango Dreams ~ Opening Gala

Mango Dreams ~ Opening Gala

Date & Time

Thu 9th March 2017
8:00 PM – 10:30 PM



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7pm Reception

8pm Opening Gala Screening

UK premiere Followed By Q&A with Director John Upchurch

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Dr. Amit Singh (Ram Gopal Bajaj) ran first from partition, now from fast-approaching dementia and doomed to a nursing home. Having escaped the British partition of India, he must return to his childhood home, to face memories that have haunted his life one last time before dementia catches up with him. And before he is committed to a nursing home by his son, Abhi (Samir Kochhar) who has come from America. Salim (Pankaj Tripathi), a Muslim rickshaw driver agrees to drive the Hindu doctor to his destination not aware of the complicated journey that lies ahead. Sharing their haunting past with each other, the pair forge a warm-hearted friendship that gives new meaning to solace. Humour-filled, Mango Dreams will take you on a journey. Destination? Unknown.


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Cast: Ram Gopal Bajaj, Pankaj Tripathi, Samir Kochhar, Naseeruddin
Shah and many more
Country: USA/India
Running time: 93 mins
Year: 2016
Language: English
Subtitles: English

Director: John Upchurch

john upchurch

“Arbitrary lines should not divide us. We should focus on building bridges, not walls.”
John Upchurch
Commercial Indian Cinema often attempts to address the tensions between India and
Pakistan (Hindus and Muslims) in the context of either a romantic relationship or a
sports rivalry. I’m a big fan of Indian Cinema. After so many years of watching Hindi films, I’m struck by the number of films featuring a love affair between an Indian boy
(Hindu) and a Pakistani girl (Muslim). These films can be very satisfying as romances,
but I have always thought the star-crossed lovers archetype is not the best backdrop for bridging cultural and religious differences. I feel a better story-line is one that treats the sides equally, with no implied dominance of one over the other. This was the seed that eventually grew into Mango Dreams, and the context for the final climax of the film.

Mango Dreams is John Upchurch’s first feature film. Upchurch grew up in a farming town in North Carolina, surrounded by storytellers – his grandpa rents, farmers at the country store, the neighbourhood barber. Storytelling, or spinning yarn as it’s called, is a rich oral tradition in the South. Upchurch loves to hear a good storyteller spin a yarn. He says a good story, told by a good storyteller, has the power to change hearts and minds, even the world. That is what inspires his storytelling. Upchurch believes a storyteller should do more than entertain. A storyteller should provoke thought between laughter, promote healing between tears, deliver not only truth, but also compassion, and above all else, inspire hope. Mango Dreams comes from his passion to tell a good story.

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