Mushaira ~ A Musical Mehfil

Mushaira ~ A Musical Mehfil

Date & Time

Fri 10th March 2017
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM




Mushaira: A Gathering of Poets

An evening of beautiful poetry and song

The centuries-old legacy of Urdu poetry flourishes through the mushaira, a symposium where poets gather to share their work in a creative forum for free self-expression. Celebrating the journey and creative legacy of Urdu poetry, this inspiring evening will deliver powerful messages of love, loss, history and socio-political thought. As traditional cultural practices, language and heritage evolved, poetry transformed with music and the advent of film. Presented by Loveena Tandon and Durdana Ansari OBE, experience authentic Urdu poetry, melodic ghazals and songs from popular Hindi cinema.3

The intimate teahouse atmosphere of the mushaira is recreated by the following international renowned poets and musicians as they share their exquisite Shairiand beautiful ghazals:


Minu Bakshi   TOFs Festival Chair will also be launching the poetry book Mauj-e-Saraab. Click here for further details on Minu Bakshi 

Chaman Lal Chaman

Rahat Zahid

Aisha Ghazi

Sara Batool

Arshad Lateef

Yashab Tamanna

Faizan Arif

Shebaz Khwaja

 Rekha Sawhney (Singer) with musicians Pammi Saib and Ketan Chauhan

The Mushaira offers an opportunity to experience the myriad rituals and interactive etiquette for audience participation and response. Allow yourself to be transported back in time to enjoy magical poetry as you float through a lyrical journey of cinema.

This event will be in Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and English. There will be no surtitles.



Performers include Rekha Sawhney, star of the musical of Bend It Like Beckham and Gurinder Chadha’s Desi Rascals.


More Details to follow

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2 thoughts on “Mushaira ~ A Musical Mehfil

  1. Sounds Divine!Hope to be there.Must make it.Thanks for arranging this beautiful evening for us to drink in the delightful shairis.

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