TOF 12th Annual Short Film Competition

TOF 12th Annual Short Film Competition

Date & Time

Thu 16th March 2017
6:00 PM – 8:30 PM



Now in its 12th year, TOF is proud to present the annual Short Film Competition with a screening of the short listed films. Winner and runners up to be announced on the day.

The judging panel for this year’s competition has includes: renowned writer and activist Farrukh Dhondy; the BFI’s Noel Goodwin; BFI’s Education Strategy Manager and Programmer for Young People Noel Goodwin; documentary filmaker Balvinder Mudan and TOF’s creative director Samir Bhamra.

Shortlisted Films To Be Screened

My Dear Postman: An ageing postman agrees to send messages to a young boy’s imaginary pen pal. Director: Sandeep Brahmbhatt

AM-PM: The film’s star plays a director location scouting and storyboarding the film we’re watching. Director: Nahid-Uz-Zaman

Ambrosia: A desperate woman and her baby struggle to survive in a war-zone and avoid a soldier absorbed in his fantasies and greed. Director: Somnath Chakraborty

War Stories: A documentary about the Muslim genocides rooted in the British Raj from the perspective of the disabled mother of a heroic Pakistani soldier. Director: Nabeel Ali

The Good Fight: Ryhana Dawood, founder of Martial Smarts, discusses her charity classes that blend Islamic and martial arts philosophy for Canadian Muslim women and girls. Director: Chrisann Hessing

K for Kashmir: The complex history of Kashmir, the oft disputed ‘heaven on earth’, its attempts to be claimed by India, Pakistan and China and the everyday experiences of it’s citizens. Director: Reaa Puri

Rhythms of the Baul: Discussions of the travelling minstrels known as The Baul from international academics, record producers and fans. Director: Anupam Lahiri 

Face It: A female Asian actor performs iconic Hollywood scenes in front of her dressing room mirror. Director: Aditya Pawar

Cryptid: A conceptual journey through what is good and moral and what is exploitative and pornographic, how both ideas scrutinise women’s behaviour and the internal struggle of the female protagonist that others can’t access. Director: Areum Han

The Problem With Kaldeep: A new teacher attempts to comfort a student while discussing his poetry assignment that reveals his depression. Director: Ian Smith. Written, Produced and Starring Sohm Kapila

Potluck: A family dinner party where tensions between a dutiful wife and her inattentive, business minded husband come to the fore. Director: Nikita Kalhan

A Love Story: A self-satisfied ball of cotton is opened up to new perspectives and emotional turmoil by an exciting, intoxicating ball of thread. Director: Anushka Kishani Naanayakkara

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