Re-imagining Freedom – Space to Reflect

We are commissioning diverse digital artists to create up to 2 new digital art pieces on the theme ‘Re-imagining Freedom – Space to Reflect: An artistic collaboration with Pakistan and the UK’ which will be showcased nationally and internationally. The artists will create content involving freedom, identity, displacement, forced migration, political challenges, love, belonging etc. The project will support artists to develop their reach, creativity, and leadership. Under the New Perspective theme, we are planning 2 international workshop (in Pakistan and the UK) and 5-6 mentoring sessions every 2 months. Both the workshops will have masterclasses by industry experts to ensure that the artists are supported and have their creative wisdom. Through these workshops artists will get an insight on film (pre-production, production, and post production) and art making. Artists from both the countries will gain insight into each other’s creative industries, and benefit mutually from transnational perspectives whilst building bridges between UKAFF and IVS.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Target audience: 19-29 years old.


We want emerging artists to:

- learn of new creative model to develop and improve their artistry by working with fresh minds to make innovative work.

- shape their creative process by presenting work and listening to how it's seen by audiences

- develop stronger partnerships with mainstream organisations like Phoenix, Barbican, Dance Base etc who have access to a large South Asian population - learn and understand from the experience of what is possible out of diverse creative relationships.

As an artist you will be have access to funding, mentoring and help where appropriate and will have to join our workshop with artists from Pakistan (Indus Valley School).

Once selected, we will interview and provide you with a timetable, funding release dates, and a timeframe for completion.

Criteria for selection:

- Should have made at least one film (any genre) earlier or can demonstrate you have a track record in delivering good quality work.

- A 5-minute pitch video and an up-to-date CV.

- Highlight the aims and strengths of your idea.

- Demonstrate how your project can achieve its ambition.

- Explain how your project can develop the work/skills of the people/organisations involved.